DUD 31. 1,431 days to go.

Today’s Resistance:

Not a lot happened today from either side, just more planning for Recess Week 2017. Make sure to check out what’s happening locally this week, town halls, etc. Indivisible Guide is a great resource for it!

POTUS Today:

He referenced something bad happening in Sweden that just didn’t happen. Literally nothing happened in Sweden yesterday, it was just a chill day. When pressed, he said he was got his info from a Fox News broadcast. That story, while certainly xenophobic, said absolutely nothing about an event that occurred the day before. So…*shrugs*.

More importantly, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly signed new, terrible immigration guidelines. This includes hiring thousands of new agents, expanding who is prioritized for removal, speeding up deportation hearings, and enlisting local law enforcement in arrests. They are far more severe than almost any guideline under previous administrations. Included in this is the ability to prosecute parents who pay to have their children brought to the U.S. Because screw their kids and their desire to have a reunited family right? Not like this is the party that claims to be for “family values” or anything amirite?






Author: Eric Morales

Originally from the bear-infested schools of Wyoming, but now lives in Chicago. More importantly, he achieved minor Twitter fame once and hasn’t stopped bringing it up since. He has a healthy obsession with Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Bulbasaur. Please validate him by following him on Twitter, @ericsmorals

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