DUD 27. 1,435 days to go.

Today’s Resistance:

Today Puzder withdrew, which was a victory for labor activists who worked tirelessly to make sure Congress knew their opposition. This needs to keep going. DeVos was popular to hate, but the fact is the Department of Education has way less influence compared other nominations, like Pruitt for the EPA. So keep up the pressure, and continue to connect to local activist groups to help amplify your voice!

Today’s picture is of “Loving vs. Virginia” by Patricia Hruby Powell, the basis of the Oscar nominated movie Loving, about the court case that invalidated laws against interracial marriage. Also, here’s an awesome article about bookstores that are Resisting.

POTUS Today:

Most significantly today, POTUS held a preference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During this, he repeatedly called him “Bibi”, a nickname I was not familiar with. This isn’t that important, but in the scheme of things it seems at least disrespectful to constantly refer to him as a nickname, while Netanyahu called him “President T****”. Far more importantly, POTUS casually told Netanyahu that Israel should back off on settlements, and stated that they would focus on a one-state solution. And when I say casually, I mean casually. He literally looked over, and just sort of dropped it on his pal Bibi. Considering that the implication was watching two of the most powerful men on the planet making casual jokes and changing decades of policy on a dime…well it was a nightmarish delight.

Cabinet: Andrew Puzder withdrew his name from nomination as Labor Secretary after repeated calls from Senate Republicans. It wasn’t his position against minimum-wage increases and overtime benefits, or the sexism and domestic abuse charges, nor the shady business practices that caused them trouble. No, it was that he hired an undocumented housekeeper. So. That’s where we’re at. Oh also, Scott Pruitt, POTUS’ pick for the EPA (who is a staunch advocate of cutting environmental protections), is being sued by Oklahoma’s ACLU.

Foreign Policy: The Defense Department could propose sending conventional US troops into Syria by the end of the month. Right about time we had another war.




Author: Eric Morales

Originally from the bear-infested schools of Wyoming, but now lives in Chicago. More importantly, he achieved minor Twitter fame once and hasn’t stopped bringing it up since. He has a healthy obsession with Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Bulbasaur. Please validate him by following him on Twitter, @ericsmorals

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