DUD 22. 1,440 days to go.

Today’s Resistance:

Today was spent bashing my head against a proverbial wall, trying to get my Republican Senator (Cory Gardner, R-CO) to vote against Tom Price. Which is like trying to pull the teeth of someone who has received money from the very people he’s confirming.

Pictured above is a guide to what to do if ICE comes to your residence, from United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth organization in the country, which advocates for the fair treatment of all immigrant youth and families, regardless of their status. They are a fantastic non-profit organization and are always in need of support.

POTUS Today:

Foreign Policy: he had his first call with Chinese President Xi Jingping, during which he said he will honor the “one China” policy. Also, he had a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, during which POTUS did not wear a translation headset, but proceeded to nod and smile and agree, despite not knowing the Japanese language. Which is exactly the kind of the first impression you want to make on your allies.

Cabinet: Tom Price was sworn in as Secretary of Health and Human Services in an early morning Senate vote. Just a reminder that not only does he favor a block-grant Medicaid system that would not cover certain low-income folks, but he also actively traded shares of medical and pharmaceutical companies while he was a Representative. Just to make sure this is clear, THAT’S WRONG.

Immigration: ICE had their first major raids under the new administration, arresting hundreds of undocumented immigrants in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, LA, the Carolinas, Florida, Kansas, Texas, and Virginia. Officials claimed the raids targeted known criminals, but it’s already confirmed that among the hundreds arrested were those with no known criminal records.




Author: Eric Morales

Originally from the bear-infested schools of Wyoming, but now lives in Chicago. More importantly, he achieved minor Twitter fame once and hasn’t stopped bringing it up since. He has a healthy obsession with Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Bulbasaur. Please validate him by following him on Twitter, @ericsmorals

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