DUD 7. 1,455 days to go

Today’s Resistance: I tasked my representative to support a bill that would amend the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 to require certain Federal officials to make requisite financial disclosures within 30 days of assuming office. We must have accountability.

POTUS Today: Relations with Mexico continue to tank, with President Enrique Peña Nieto their meeting, after being told once again that Mexico would pay for The Wall. POTUS plans on charging a 20% import tax on goods and services from Mexico to pay The Wall, even though an incredibly basic level of education says that the price of the goods will increase, and therefore, American’s will be paying The Wall.

POTUS then went to Philadelphia to meet the GOP and discuss their Affordable Care Act replacement plan.

POTUS planned on signing an executive action that would address voter fraud (the kind that doesn’t exist) but canceled.

Also, fun fact, an easily overlooked part of yesterday’s executive order on immigration:

Agencies shall, to the extent consistent with applicable law, ensure that their privacy policies exclude persons who are not United States citizens or lawful permanent residents from the protections of the Privacy Act regarding personally identifiable information.”

Basically, non-citizens have their privacy rights revoked.


Author: Eric Morales

Originally from the bear-infested schools of Wyoming, but now lives in Chicago. More importantly, he achieved minor Twitter fame once and hasn’t stopped bringing it up since. He has a healthy obsession with Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Bulbasaur. Please validate him by following him on Twitter, @ericsmorals

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