DUD 3. 1,459 days to go

Today’s Resistance: I signed up for IssueVoter (https://issuevoter.org), a great site that allows you to see bills related to issues you care about, then easily let your Rep know your stance (support or oppose). You can track how well they represent you, their track records, etc. It’s a fantastic way to stay informed and involved.

POTUS Today: He hired Julia Hahn, a Breitbart writer, continued to not release his tax returns, and hasn’t severed ties with his businesses, despite his promises. On a positive note, he pledged federal aid to help areas in need after some nasty storms in the South. In other words, he helped those who need it with federal funds. Like he should.


Author: Eric Morales

Originally from the bear-infested schools of Wyoming, but now lives in Chicago. More importantly, he achieved minor Twitter fame once and hasn’t stopped bringing it up since. He has a healthy obsession with Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Bulbasaur. Please validate him by following him on Twitter, @ericsmorals

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