DUD 32. 1,430 days to go.

Today’s Resistance: 

There’s folks out there making my life a whole lot easier. Today, Michael Moore launched a great resource, The Resistance Calendar. It has Resistance events from all over the world. Just search your city, and you can see a monthly calendar so you know what’s going on and where. It’s an incredibly useful resource for staying involved, I highly encourage you check it out!

POTUS Today:

Pretty quiet Monday for POTUS. From his Mar-a-Lago resort he appointed Lt. Gen. McMaster to replace Michael Flynn as national security advisor. McMaster is honestly pretty great, I hope he can do some good there.

While POTUS was golfing in Florida, VPOTUS was in Brussels meeting with the EU and NATO, basically trying to calm their completely justifiable anger and fear. Super.


DUD 31. 1,431 days to go.

Today’s Resistance:

Not a lot happened today from either side, just more planning for Recess Week 2017. Make sure to check out what’s happening locally this week, town halls, etc. Indivisible Guide is a great resource for it!

POTUS Today:

He referenced something bad happening in Sweden that just didn’t happen. Literally nothing happened in Sweden yesterday, it was just a chill day. When pressed, he said he was got his info from a Fox News broadcast. That story, while certainly xenophobic, said absolutely nothing about an event that occurred the day before. So…*shrugs*.

More importantly, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly signed new, terrible immigration guidelines. This includes hiring thousands of new agents, expanding who is prioritized for removal, speeding up deportation hearings, and enlisting local law enforcement in arrests. They are far more severe than almost any guideline under previous administrations. Included in this is the ability to prosecute parents who pay to have their children brought to the U.S. Because screw their kids and their desire to have a reunited family right? Not like this is the party that claims to be for “family values” or anything amirite?





DUD 30. 1,432 days to go.

Resistance Today:

Today was spent gearing up for the Congressional Recess this week. Your Members of Congress all flew back home on Friday, and are spending the week doing town halls, local events, etc. Which means we have the chance to be right in their face, for an entire week. Remember how swamped they were before DeVos? They were still in Washington. This is the week to really make them feel the pressure.

Here is a useful map to see what’s being organized locally during the #ReclaimRecess week: https://goo.gl/vXtYgl

Pictured above are all of the events planned so far, and more are being added everyday.

There are local organizations holding rallies, groups organizing for town halls, and a lot more. So definitely check it out, and hold your Reps accountable.

POTUS Today:

…Almost nothing happened today. How amazing is that? POTUS spoke in Florida yesterday, where he got the crowd all jazzed up for 45 minutes, talking about basically the same things he did during the campaign. Oh, this is your reminder that he has already filed for reelection, and that they are taking campaign contributions as we speak (that sorry excuse for a media bias survey? That’s to raise donations for his campaign).

Other than that, McCain sort of stuck it to POTUS yesterday, criticizing his labeling of the press as “the enemy of the American People!” This isn’t really a celebration of his criticism as much as a “where the hell have you been” kind of situation. But, at this point, I’ll take what I can get.


DUD 29. 1,433 days to go.

Today’s Resistance:

Today I tasked my Representative to vote against a bill that would terminate the Environmental Protection Agency, because…well really that’s a no brainer, isn’t it?

Today’s picture is a charity commission that a wonderful artist, Haeji Lee (http://haejilee.tumblr.com), did for me after I gave to the ACLU in the wake of POTUS’ infamous executive order. I’ve seen hundreds of artists like Lee offer this on Twitter and Tumblr, and I highly recommend that people take them up on it when possible. Not only will you be giving to the ACLU (or other great charities), but you’ll be helping to support artists and their independent work.

POTUS Today:

Today’s big news was the leaked memo from DHS, detailing a plan to call up 100,000 Nation Guard to perform mass roundups and deportations. The memo was almost immediately discredited by Spicer, who said it was false. Conflicting with his statement, DHS staffers confirmed its circulation prior to release. Current theories include the possibility that it was a “canary trap,” in which memos that differ slightly are released to several departments in an organization, and whichever version is leaked leads back the source. Regardless of the memo’s veracity, it is a frightening prospect that it was written at all. And perhaps more disheartening, that it doesn’t feel that unbelievable in today’s America.

State Department: More folks were fired today from the State Departmant, part of a large round of cuts that have occurred since inauguration. Those at State worry that it is politically motivated, and expertise is being removed from international dealings. A great example of this: State was in no way consulted prior to Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu’s visit last week. Instead, POTUS’ son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was the main point of contact.

Flynn: It has now come out that there is no official record of Michael Flynn’s 2015 trip to Moscow, where he may have accepted payments from a foreign government for his attendance (which is unconstitutional, to be clear). So basically, he did this without filing documentation for the trip. But hey, nothing shady at all.

Cabinet: Scott Pruitt was confirmed as head of the EPA. He was confirmed 52-46, with two Democrats voting for him, and one Republican voting no. Also, Pruitt has an extensive history of blocking federal environmental regulations for energy companies. So, a super great person to lead the Environmental ***PROTECTION*** Agency.

DUD 28. 1,434 days to go.

Today’s Resistance:

Today was a mass strike across the US by thousands of immigrants, showing their impact on the country’s workforce and schools. More strikes are planned throughout in the future, and they should be supported by all of us. Skip work, school, don’t spend your money, whatever. And for those who say this “doesn’t work,” this was done successfully ten years ago during the Bush administration to resounding effect.

Pictured above is a classroom, absent 21 of 28 students, all immigrants or the children of immigrants.

POTUS Today:

Well, today was quite the day for POTUS. He had a 77-minute long impromptu press conference, supposedly to announce his new pick for Labor Secretary. But mostly, he just sort of…rambled. Sometimes incoherently. It was largely an attack on the news media, and him insisting that the new administration was a “fine-tuned machine.” He blamed any challenges on the past administration, saying that he inherited a mess. Upon being asked whether he would meet with the Congressional Black Caucus, he retorted “Do you want to set up the meeting? Are they friends of yours?” The reporter who asked was April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks. She is African-American.

He also returned often to the campaign. The President of the United States stated many times that he had been elected. He consistently brought up that he beat Hillary Clinton, and attacked her. Even though…he’s the President of the United States. But boy did he want to remind us of that. His best piece of evidence was that he had the largest Electoral College victory since Reagan. Which…is not true. Just factually. And not like “fake news” factually, but real life factually. Obama, Clinton, and George H. W. Bush all had more votes. So…do what you will with that fiction.

Cabinet: Mick Mulvaney was confirmed as the head of the Office of Management and Budget. All Dems opposed, as did Senator McCain. Mulvaney has promised to overhaul Social Security and Medicare, despite POTUS promising not to go down that road. Also today, Alexander Acosta, the dean of Florida International University law school, was chosen by POTUS as his next Labor Secretary pick. He’s got a wealth of experience in labor relations, law, and education. He’s also Hispanic, has made it through the Senate confirmation three other times, and has testified in support of the civil rights of Muslim-Americans before Congress. So. He’s actually pretty great…which is a weird feeling. Finally today, Senate Dems began their next all-night talkathon, to delay the confirmation vote of Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA.

Foreign Policy: A day after POTUS said in a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that the US would pursue a one-state solution, Nikki Haley, ambassador to the UN, says that the administration absolutely supports a two-state solution.

Immigration: A woman in El Paso, Texas was arrested by ICE agents today while she was a court hearing seeking protection against her domestic abuser. So good job ICE, really making sure those dangerous undocumented individuals are being taken care of. Rather than, oh I don’t know, her abuser?

Environment: POTUS signed the legislation put forward by Congress several weeks ago, repealing the “Stream Protection Rule,” which required energy companies to monitor water quality and restore streams once they finished mining. But hey, who needs clean water. This is your reminder that Flint still doesn’t have clean water, just an FYI.

DUD 27. 1,435 days to go.

Today’s Resistance:

Today Puzder withdrew, which was a victory for labor activists who worked tirelessly to make sure Congress knew their opposition. This needs to keep going. DeVos was popular to hate, but the fact is the Department of Education has way less influence compared other nominations, like Pruitt for the EPA. So keep up the pressure, and continue to connect to local activist groups to help amplify your voice!

Today’s picture is of “Loving vs. Virginia” by Patricia Hruby Powell, the basis of the Oscar nominated movie Loving, about the court case that invalidated laws against interracial marriage. Also, here’s an awesome article about bookstores that are Resisting.

POTUS Today:

Most significantly today, POTUS held a preference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During this, he repeatedly called him “Bibi”, a nickname I was not familiar with. This isn’t that important, but in the scheme of things it seems at least disrespectful to constantly refer to him as a nickname, while Netanyahu called him “President T****”. Far more importantly, POTUS casually told Netanyahu that Israel should back off on settlements, and stated that they would focus on a one-state solution. And when I say casually, I mean casually. He literally looked over, and just sort of dropped it on his pal Bibi. Considering that the implication was watching two of the most powerful men on the planet making casual jokes and changing decades of policy on a dime…well it was a nightmarish delight.

Cabinet: Andrew Puzder withdrew his name from nomination as Labor Secretary after repeated calls from Senate Republicans. It wasn’t his position against minimum-wage increases and overtime benefits, or the sexism and domestic abuse charges, nor the shady business practices that caused them trouble. No, it was that he hired an undocumented housekeeper. So. That’s where we’re at. Oh also, Scott Pruitt, POTUS’ pick for the EPA (who is a staunch advocate of cutting environmental protections), is being sued by Oklahoma’s ACLU.

Foreign Policy: The Defense Department could propose sending conventional US troops into Syria by the end of the month. Right about time we had another war.



DUD 26. 1,436 days to go.

Today’s Resistance:

Today I signed up to join the Women’s March Tele-Town Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 15th at 7 PM ET, when they will announce their Hear Our Voice campaign. This campaign will launch thousands of grassroots-led protests, actions, and meetings, intended to directly engage Congress during the President’s Day recess until the 26th of February. I encourage everyone to sign up or check the live stream tomorrow!

Also here’s a picture from Mar-a-Lago, taken on a private cellphone, of the security talks between Japanese PM Abe and POTUS. Because honestly how can you not kind of chuckle at this gross level of incompetence?

POTUS Today:

Well, things aren’t looking so good for ol’ POTUS! Flynn resigned, so of course, he changes the narrative by questions why all these leaks are coming out of Washington, instead of, oh I don’t know, why three members of his campaign/administration have quit because of ties to the Russians.

Congressional Republicans have started talking about maybe it’s sort of kind of time I guess to investigate Flynn and the Russian claims. They have continued to refuse calls to investigate ties to POTUS himself, or into his unreleased taxes.

Cabinet: David Shulkin is confirmed as the head of the Veterans Affairs Department unanimously. And honestly, this is the best pick by far. He’s competent, a holdover from the last administration, and is heavily against privatizing the VA system. Also, Linda McMahon (former WWE exec) was confirmed as head of the Small Business Administration.